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New Members please download the Membership Application Form.  After completing the form kindly mail with appropriate payment to our post office box 791, Canton, CT 06019-0791 or preferably make your payment on line. In the INFO BOX for Additional Note to Merchant kindly referance the form which you will mail in.

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Charity Contribution We have added a new feature which enables club members to make a $5 or $10 contribution to a charity of the club's choosing.  Presently our charter specifies that this is the Muscular Dystropy Association.  Each year the club will distribute the contributed funds to the MDA with some going to a motorcycle related recipient. You can select to give multiple quantities of $5 or $10 if you feel generous.

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Renewing Members please select Full Member and or Associate Member. Make sure that you enter your names into the INFO BOX for Additional Note to Merchant.

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